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The most important goal of effective communication is clarity. Clarity is not the same as simplicity . Often, simple things are clear if the message is intended to be brief and small, but often the message is about a complex relationship that can only be presented with a necessarily large amount of data.

This complexity can be made to appear clear by effective organization and presentation and need not be reduced to meaningless "bite-sized" chunks of data, as simplification usually does.

Clarity refers to the focus on one particular message or goal at a time, rather than attempting to accomplish too much at once. Simplicity is often responsible for the "dumbing" of information rather than the illumination of it.


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theater hw spying

signing in here reminds me of

i have to transcribe , i mean type, the thing i wrote about the person on the bus. and then their thoughts about promotion. i guess i'll just type that. and i'll type the convo with hunter. then go out and look for a new convo.


Rachael "Nova" Vincent

I see a person on the bus. They're sitting in a seat that faces sideways, towards me, but they face towards the front of the bus, except a couple times they glance around in my direction. I think they can guess that I'm looking. At one point they put one arm across their chest. A bit after that they put their hand in front of their mouth. These look like self-conscious gestures to me.
You can't tell gender from appearance, but based on what little gender expression I see, and how rare trans people are, I'd guess this person is female while being gender non-conforming. They're wearing a Domino's uniform (black pants, logo jacket, logo visor) but their personality shows in their shoes (not standard work shoes, faded black or blue, dirty, with white around the base), their hair (short like a typical boys' haircut kind of, actually what my dad once called a lesbian haircut, seems un-dyed as the color is just a little lighter brown than mine), and their glasses (hipster-y dark frames, sort of gender-neutral design). They're wearing big blue headphones, which makes me think they are "into" music, as a character trait. A smartphone is poking out of their left jacket pocket. Maybe that means they're left-handed. I feel an absurd affinity with all left-handed people.
Now blatant speculation.
They're on their way to work. If they were on their way home, they'd look tired. They work at Domino's as a cashier. They're 22. They graduated high school with a mix of A's, B's, C's, and D's, and initially got a job at McDonald's, but then they made friends with some people at Domino's and applied there instead.
They write and mix dance music and share it on Newgrounds and Tumblr. They never use Facebook because the site has had some policies that endanger victims of domestic violence and trans people and stymie discussions of race and racism.
They believe in a god and identify as christian. They usually go to a Unitarian church but sometimes attend Catholic church with their family.


convo with hunter

CHELSEA: I hate art.
HUNTER: But you said--
CHELSEA: (knows what he's going to say)(chuckles)
HUNTER: --that your entire life was performance art.
CHELSEA: That doesn't--
HUNTER: Wait, if the performance never ends, then when do I clap?
HUNTER: I'll clap at your funeral.
CHELSEA: I'm not going to have a funeral because I'm never going to die.
HUNTER: Ookaay. But you'll get bored of the mortals around you from time to time and fake your death.
CHELSEA: No. I won't do that.
HUNTER: If you're immortal and live for infinity, then you will do it--
HUNTER: --because everything that's possible *will* happen in that infinite time.
CHELSEA: It will never happen, because me faking my death because I'm bored of everyone around me is *im*possible.
HUNTER: I think it's just very unlikely. You'll change as a person.
CHELSEA: I'm the same person I've always been and I will never change.
HUNTER: Your opinions change, the foods you like change.
CHELSEA: The *information* I have changes.
HUNTER: Yeah and that changes you as a person.
CHELSEA: No, the programming in my brain is always the same, it's just the information fed into it that changes.
HUNTER: The information changes the programming!
CHELSEA: (to prevent further arguing)(chuckles)
HUNTER: (laughs)


Nova's Promotion

Work was fine .... I was offered a promotion, I guess? They want to me interview for a manager position. And .... Ugh. I like my job, I do, I do! I like it. I like my co-workers. I like my bosses. I like the customers. I feel like if I became a manager, there would be something worse about interacting with the customers. Maybe I wouldn't even talk to the customers much. The managers really don't much. Not unless there's a problem. They normally just help everyone as needed and remind people if they forget something. Like new cashiers always forget to mention specials and ... up-sell. Oh man, that's it. I *hate* up-selling. I had to do it. It was really the only part of the job I didn't like ... the only part I hated. But I got used to it, I *made* myself get used to it. Because I didn't want to give up the time with co-workers, friends, that I liked. I liked my bosses, even when they did things that annoyed me. I thought they were just doing their jobs. But you know what? They're not. You can't just do a job. I, like, *brainwashed* myself into thinking that you could, that it didn't matter what I did because if it weren't me it would just be someone else, but the further I go into this the harder it is to pretend that I'm not doing anything wrong. I establish a "rapport" with customers, especially repeat customers, and then I joyfully ask them if they "would like to add an order of cinnamon bread twists" or "make that a large for only two dollars more" and they do it! They don't think about it as a rational decision, they see it as a friend offering them something and it would feel *wrong* to turn it down. I mean, that's not true of *all* the customers, but it's enough of them, and I shut it off, I didn't let myself think about it, and now I am, and now I have to quit. Damn it.


OK, so I'm a go look for another convo. If I can't find one, then I have to look how to format that one correctly.

introduction for theater class

This is a short self-introduction of a few paragraphs. Just write in your own voice and style.

1) Introduce yourself by giving your name, where you were born and grew up, your interests, and your program of study at UA Little Rock.

2) Identify and describe three (3) encounters you have had with any art in the past 72 hours. Tell us why you call it art.

3) Identify and describe (a little bit) your three (3) favorite artistic experiences (movies, concerts, exhibitions, etc.). Tell us why they are memorable for you.

4) Name three (3) favorite performers and what you would consider his/her signature performance.

5) Briefly say why you chose this class and what you would like to get out of it.

Type out your self-introduction and post it on Blackboard by 11:59 PM on Sunday, January 27.

Please also bring a copy to class on Tuesday, January 29.


My name is Chelsea Marie Saunders. If the idea of a male person named that bothers you, you can call me Rilian instead. Rilian is a boys name from Indonesia. I was born in OKC, and I've lived in Texas, Oklahoma, briefly Virginia, and, as an adult, Arkansas. I like being with friends. I like linguistics, math, music, reading, making up stories, casually playing various sports, and role-playing. I like writing everything with lower-case letters, but I'm refraining because this is a homework. I'm currently majoring in math and plan to finish that BS this semester.

A thing is art if someone calls it art. Maybe a thing can be art even if no one calls it art, but I'm not sure that makes sense. It might be that art is just subjective and only exists when experienced by a subject. I think that's probably true. In 2013, I declared my entire life from that point on to be performance art. Maybe you think that action, or telling people about, is art. Is making fun of trans people by saying you identify as an attack helicopter art? I feel like what I said is more akin to that than to what people usually think of as art. But I also have taken as a political stance that "gender is real and valid and arbitrary and ridiculous". Maybe it would be good to take that stance on art too. and anything else people do that doesn't have delineated boundaries. In the past 72 hours, I've watched TV, played with my Tamagotchi, attended a performance of The Book of Mormon, gone to the grocery store, and started writing this essay-thing. I don't think I have to persuade you that TV shows and musicals are art. The design of the Tamagotchi is art. They had to decide how to represent it on the screen and how to set up the interactions between the human and the Tamagotchi. The people in the grocery store are performing. I briefly worked in that store, so I know what they demand of the employees. They are told to establish a rapport with each customer. They're given timely topics to bring up (like the local sports ball game of the day). and People are always performing a little when they're around other people. I've used non-standard capitalization at least twice in this essay-thing so far. The point of capitalization and punctuation is to aid communication to the reader. I hope you catch the meaning of all my symbolies. I've used some non-standard words like "sports ball" and "symbolies" and "essay-thing". These have nuanced meaning that will be caught, though never perfectly as I intend them, by people who come from a similar linguistic background to me, and everything I write is a performance for those who will understand and for those who ask for clarification because they want to understand.

The truth is, "art" is a foreign concept to me. I have not assimilated it. I don't experience art. I never think to myself, "I wanna go see some art", or whatever it is other people think about it. I've only ever identified things as "art" ironically. The phrase "art museum" makes me think of paintings and sculptures, but people who claim to actually feel like "art" is part of their lives say it's not limited to that. My best friend is the one who told me that art is whatever the artist says it is. But really it's kind of like a language that I don't speak, only it's even more foreign than that. It's like colors I can't see? It's like senses I don't have? It's like body parts I don't have? I understand performance, and I "know" that that's related to "art", but I don't *think* it's the same thing. Anyway, the upshot is that I don't have memories tagged as "art". I can't tell you my favorite artistic experiences. I can't tell you my favorite experiences overall either. I can tell you some experiences and try to make a case for them being artistic. Since thinking of "art" doesn't bring up much of anything in my memory search, I'll search for "happy" instead. This one time, when I was 6, I woke up early in the morning, as the sun was coming up and shining into my window, and I felt perfectly content. My bed was comfortable, nothing was hurting, I didn't feel hot or cold, and the ceiling in my room was immensely beautiful. It was just a normal white ceiling with those grainy blops all over it. It was the kind of ceiling that, if you touched it, bits of it fell off. I laid in bed for a few minutes enjoying that feeling, but I was also eager to go outside and start my day. I felt an extra boost from that happy feeling and I jumped up and put on clean clothes and brushed my teeth and ran outside to the playground. I always did that, but I felt more eager to get to it that day than any other day. I don't know why. Another time, in high school, I was in my literature/history class and we were supposed to be filling out some worksheet. People were talking about the assignment, and talking more and more about unrelated things as they finished the worksheet. It was a double classroom, and I was in the front of one side, and the desks on the other side of the classroom were faced towards me. Philip was sitting on the other side of the room, directly opposite me, talking to someone. I suddenly felt happy listening to the background babble of everyone talking. They all seemed happy and I was happy for them. People were usually miserable and bored in school, so it was a nice moment. I wished it could last forever. It's hard for me to even think of another time I was happy. ... In 10th grade, I always ate breakfast at school with my friend Melanie. As I approached the table we always sat at, there was a pillar blocking my view. One day when I rounded the pillar, Melanie wasn't there. I wondered why. I saw her later that day and she said she had been gone for GT field trip. She was there for lunch and everything was fine. The next morning, as I approached the pillar, I realized I was afraid, ridiculously, that when I rounded the pillar, she wouldn't be there again. I slowed down and peeked around the pillar and when I saw that she was there, I felt like I was exploding with happiness, like how I imagine balloons explode when they pop, but nothing like what they actually do when they pop. I skipped around the pillar and said to Melanie, "Guess what?"
"You're my best friend!"
"Cool! You're my best friend too!"
We hugged. I felt secure for several years after that, never doubting that I had her support.
I think you could say all of those experiences are art because I enjoyed them. But if that's not good enough, then take this list:
1. I watched Jurassic Park in the theater with my parents. It was scary and my sister and I spent the entire movie in our parents laps, crying. I liked it. I read the book 6 years later. I liked that even more.
2. Once, my class had a thing at the Austin Children's Museum, on a Saturday. We were always late, for everything, and when I got there, all my classmates were laying around on the floor. The instructor told me to lay down on and empty spot and pick a pose. She said to use your muscles to hold the pose carefully so that your body wouldn't move if someone bumped you or even ... and she picked up FeFe, and FeFe held her pose while being held up in the air by her midriff. and Then the instructor when around nudging everyone while we tried to maintain our poses. I don't remember the rest of the lessons.
3. I went to see Paul McCartney in Little Rock in 2016. I had always wished that I could go back in time and see the Beatles perform, and I feel like I basically got to do that. He performed a lot of Beatles songs. He's a great performer. He knew how to interact with the crowd and get people to be quiet at the right times and cheer at the right times. When I was little, I commented to my dad about how long the ending of Hey Jude was, and he said "Yeah, but imagine you're at a concert with hundreds of other people all singing it together. People would hold up lighters and sway to the music." And people did that at this concert, except people were using the lights on their cellphones instead of lighters. I bought a 40$ shirt as a souvenir.

It's always hard for me to remember actors or bands or books that I like when someone asks me to list them. I asked my mom for help and we did some googling and I came up with a list of actors that I like, although I'm not sure they're my *favorites*.
1. Nicolas Cage, National Treasure.
2. Keanu Reeves, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
3. John Cusack, Better Off Dead.

I chose to take this class because a fine arts class is required for my degree program and I thought Theater would be more interesting than Art and easier than Music. I also wanted to be involved with some kind of theater when I was a kid, but I never got to, and my best friend has a degree in theater, which has nudged me into doing more with it, and I liked the stage production class and I like building things and acting and writing stories and maybe some of that will be included in this class.

big blue wave, jason

I'm listening to big blue wave.
Shortly after kamberly gave us the netflix thing, I set it up and listened to big blue wave on the tv. But a few seconds into the song, jason started yelling and then my mom went to talk to him and he said the music was too loud. even though it was the same volume we always watched tv at. I turned it down, and he yelled "turn it off, turn it off" and my mom made me fucking turn it off.
Now when I listen to that song I'm always afraid he's going to start yelling.

depression anxiety bugs

This looks way different than the last time I wrote here. I don't like it.

I haven't written in a journal much because I post a lot on facebook. I put all my thoughts there, or I hangouts them to one person, so posting in a journal, also writing in a notebook like I used to a long time ago before the internet was a thing in my life, is not necessary. I remember a time, I don't remember when, that I wanted to write in a notebook and I couldn't think of anything to say, although that wasn't because of the internet just because I was depressed and all my thoughts seemed stupid.

I mostly just sit on this couch, because it's kind of like my first semester at tarleton, well the first half of the semester when I lived with mary beth, when I didn't want to be observed, was afraid I was doing something wrong all the time. I don't think THAT much that adrien is judging me but I think james is. And add to that the laziness and depression of many years, it's like default to just keep sitting on this couch, I want to get back to how I was when I was a kid, I want to go back to that for a while because I can't remember how to be that way, but that's impossible to do. I was kind of sad and bored when we moved to VA besides the fact that I missed my frinds, it was just boring there, there was no playground and no other kids, till I met aunna victoria and elaina. not that they were great. but i was used to making friends with everyone, regardless of how nice or interesting they were, and so I did that and also they were the only ones and I was excited to meet some people. These days I feel like there's nothing to do and somehow I'm less well equipped to deal with that. I was bored and lonely in VA even when I was with them because they were terrible friends, but I rode around on my bike and talked stories to myself. I guess I need a bike. But a nice thing about Hampden-Syndey was that it was a big area with lots of sidewalks and few cars. I could ride a bike there. Like I could in the apartment complex in austin. But here? I have no idea where to even ride. At school, there are hardly even any sidewalks. But then I also fear that things aren't really that much worse but that I see them as worse because I'm depressed. Tarleton wasn't that great but I managed to ride my bike around there for the one day until the seat came loose. And I didn't have tools to fix it and riding standing up was tiring so I never rode the bike again and then to transport it to little rock we had to take the handle bars off and I didn't know how to put them back on and we didn't have tools and the seat was messed up andso the sort of fear of the work that I maybe couldn't do held me back from doing anything at all also including because i would have needed my mom's help and it's hard to get her to do things, so I just never tried and now the bike it all rusted and probably trash. but adrien has a bike here that he said i could use. so i could try that one. maybe even get it fixed, because he said there was something wrong with the gear shift or whatever you call that.

I have a list of things I need to do in my notebook which is somewhere. And add to that, I need to debug this apartment and I need to do my stupid math homework and I need to blow my nose and I'm hungry. I have partially debugged the apartment. But adrien and james seem reluctant to help. I feel bad about asking adrien because he has a job, and james seems to get really annoyed when I ask him for help. And also I feel like they're both annoyed that I want to do anything at all, but james also said he doesn't even want to live here anymore because of the bugs so i'd expect him to support my efforts to get rid of them.

I cleaned out one cabinet although it wasn't actually clean at the end of that, and we moved not-really-clean dishes into it, and I killed the bugs behind the plastic shelves that are like the shelves I used to have that I had to abandon somewhere where I can maybe still potentially get them back from.

So what next? If I weren't afraid of the bugs touching me I would wash all the dishes myself. But I don't want the bugs to touch me. So I think I will look in that one other cabinet again and see if more bugs have appeared and if so spray more raid. If not, I don't know if I can vacuum, because I have to stay away from the counter where there are bugs hanging out. Actually first I will see if there are bugs hanging out places where I can spray them without spraying food or dishes.

why is there turkish at the top of the page?

Instead of post or update, it says gönder, etc. How why? my fb is in turkish but that's not connected with lj?

anyway I don't remember how long it's been since I posted here. there's too many things online to keep track of. I mis squthreer. This class is boring and I'm so sick of being in college. So how about I switch to hating a job instead. Teacher seems like the best job because there are fewer hours you have to be somewhere. I don't want to do ANYTHING for 8 hours a day. OK, that's not true, there's some things I could stand, but I'm not sure what they are or how to make them into jobs.

so I'm gonna apply at freaking fis. i guess. i need to make a resume....

whatever sappho

C. Does Sappho’s lack of interest in matters of war and conquest reflect a feminine view or is it that hers is an altogether different value system? If the latter, what is the basis for that opposing system of values?

Assuming Sappho was writing only because she wanted to, and not because she was being coerced into it, like someone is right now, she probably, like any person, wrote about things that were on her mind a lot, probably things that were important to her. So probably things that were going on in her life or things she wished for. If she wrote about different things than other people, that suggests that her life was different than theirs.

barf essay barf

C. Does Sappho’s lack of interest in matters of war and conquest reflect a feminine view or is it that hers is an altogether different value system? If the latter, what is the basis for that opposing system of values?

I will interpret this question to mean, "Why is sappho such a freak, never writing about war the way "all" the other writers at her time/place did?"

How the hell should I know? But I see no evidence that it had anything to do with her genitals.
Maybe war just wasn't a big deal where she lived. Maybe they had a different culture there. If I wrote a story, there wouldn't be any football in it, even though I know football exists, because it's not a big part of my life. There wouldn't be any war in my story either because war isn't a big part of my life. I know it happens, but it doesn't happen near me, so I've got other things on my mind.

E. Discuss how the tragedy Oedipus the King reflects on how effective a person can be in assisting his community when (1.) he is perceived as an outsider, and (2.) he perceives of himself as one.

It's easier to clean someone else's house than your own. Maybe it's like that. I don't think being perceived as an outsider by others helps, though.

F. How does virtually everyone in the story of Oedipus as Sophocles tells it contribute to the unfolding tragedy that ultimately destroys a royal house and nearly destroys an entitre city? What might Sophocles' point be?

They don't contribute, it's all the god's fault. If sophocles had a point, he failed to communicate it.

these are my options for the essay
due at 11:30

(no subject)

So a friend of mine previously said that he liked me (as a friend) and as part of another conversation stated that we had an emotional connection. But since then he has started saying he is "indifferent" when I ask him to hang out. It's been a few days or a couple of weeks since he initiated a hanging out with me. He seems less interactive in general. It wasn't just what he said but also his behaviour that made me think we were actually friends. Anyway, I suppose it could be that he doesn't like me anymore. Or it could be that he is depressed. I'm not sure what else it could be. Either one of those would be upsetting. I don't know what to do.

hello world

print "hello world"

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print "hello world"

#include <stdio.h>

int main(){
printf("hello world\n");
return 0;

PROGRAM HelloWorld
PRINT *, "Hello World"